Horses for Hunts

Love hunting? So do we!

We have a selection of horses available for you to try out and take for a great day out. We’re 1 mile from the famous Galway Blazers, so we’re very close to the action!

Hunting is very popular in Ireland, and hunts are supported by lots of local people who attend to watch all the action. The Galway Blazers is a traditional fox hunting organisation, with regular meets, and the St. Stephens day hunt is very popular, with people coming from all over Irealnd to attend and watch. Here at Shanbally Farm, we have an eventing ground, to try out your horse the day before the hunt, or you can rent a horse for a few days, before, during and after the hunt.

This is a descpiption of some of the horses used from Wikipedia
“Horses are a prominent feature of many hunts, although others are conducted on foot and those hunts with horse packs may also have foot followers. Horses on hunts can range from specially bred and trained field hunters to casual hunt attendees riding a wide variety of horse and pony types. Generally, the only requirements are that a horse be well mannered, have the ability to clear the obstacles although hunts generally have alternatives to jumping, and the stamina to keep up with the hounds. Draft and thoroughbred crosses often make adept hunters, although pure thoroughbreds are also used. These crossbred horses have the strength to clear large obstacles such as wide ditches, tall fences and rock walls and have the stamina to hunt for hours. Dependant on terrain, the hunt may be divided into two groups, with a group who will undertake more demanding jumps over obstacles also known as the ‘First Field’and a group who will generally take longer routes through gates or other flat access also called the ‘Second Field’, ‘Hilltoppers’ or ‘Gaters'”

Give us a call or send us an email if you want to hire a horse for a day, or even a week.